Frequently Asked Questions...

What does 'Stellas' mean?

Stellas is a twist on 'stars' in Latin. Many people think my name is Stella, but I'm not that cool...

Who are the books aimed towards?

The books are aimed towards siblings, family members, peers, classmates, in fact all children to educate them about Autism. The books cater to a primary aged audience but can be enjoyed by all.

Why did you write the books?

 There was inspiration due to growing up struggling to understand my little brother when he was diagnosed with Autism, so I wanted to help other kids, just like me. Also, I want to create an awareness surrounding Autism.

What is the difference between the books?

 'No Two Stars are the Same', is book number one, which has various scenarios Autistic children can face on a daily basis including: school, shopping and dinner. 

'No Two Stars are the Same: A Day in Town' outlines scenarios Autistic children would face heading into the town and includes: transport, cafes and the doctors. PS. all the characters in this book are people who have helped me get from where I was, to where I am today.

Why is the font so different?

We have invested in a Dyslexia Friendly Font, to help the kids reading our book who may be dyslexic. You will notice in Book two, the pages are also pastel coloured to aid reading also. 

Can I choose which school my copy is donated to?

Unfortunately you cannot. To keep things fair we donate the copies on your behalf to ensure ALL schools receive a copy. We work through the EA's A-Z list of schools in NI and cover every single school. All schools in NI have received Book one, and nearly all have received Book two. We assure you that through your purchase you are helping us do amazing work and the school of your choice will be donated to, or may already have received their copy - the more purchases the more donations we can make!

Can you send me the donated copy for me to donate it myself?

Again, for reasons above, no. We have a strict system that ensures all schools, big or small, receive a book.

 How do I ensure my child's school is using the book?

The best thing to do, is ask the school how they are using their free copy within the school community as it is a great tool for the kids. 

We hear from schools all the time that books have been sent home to families who are going through a diagnosis. But the most important thing the school can do is read the story to the class, which starts a conversation surrounding Autism.

What gets you out of bed in the morning?

I balance a LOT, with studying and keeping on top of other commitments. But the one conversation that sticks with me, was with a Mother. This Mother, sent me an email explaining her son has Autism, went to mainstream education, was struggling to make friends and his siblings didn't understand him. She purchased the books, she first of all read them to her children together, explaining about her son's Autism and this sparked a conversation, the siblings then understood what was going on, this started a whole new home dynamic and the siblings were now including them in their play. She then gave the copies to his class teacher, she read the books with the class and this sparked another conversation about Autism. The very next day, her son was excited about going to school and was making friends, simply down to him feeling like a weight had lifted off his shoulder because his classmates knew what was going on. 

That is why I get out of my bed everyday, for all the kids like this little boy.