About Us

Behind Books by Stellas

Stellas, meaning 'stars' in Latin, is a student social enterprise. The aim is to break the stigma surrounding Autism and Special Educational Needs and raise awareness. We want to make a difference by helping others become more understanding and educated about Autism and Special Educational Needs.

Make a Difference

To achieve our goal, we want to educate Key Stage 2 children, and older, about Special Educational Needs and why their peers may react differently to situations in their day to day life. We hope to invite you on our journey to break down barriers.

For every book purchased, we donate another one to local primary schools across Northern Ireland. Our vision is to donate books on a larger scale and hopefully, more and more schools across the globe would have a copy of our book.

Meet the Team


Aimée Clint is an 20-year-old Queen's University Belfast Business Management student who was inspired to publish 'No Two Stars are the Same' through her personal experiences with Autism. When she was younger, her brother was diagnosed with Autism. There was nothing available to help her understand what he was going through. She didn't understand why people were treating him differently because he was acting 'weird'. By educating those who do not have Autism, Aimée believes that this will make the lives of those on the spectrum much easier and make children more aware of the diverse community that surrounds them. Aimée is also awarded Europe's Top Entrepreneur Under 20 of 2019 (source) and is a Young Ambassador for Social Enterprise Northern Ireland, where she educates young people regarding the benefits of working in a social sector.


Where to buy our books

  • On our website (click here to be directed to our online shop)
  • The Bobbin Cafe in Belfast City Hall, Northern Ireland