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No Two Stars Are The Same

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Our book aims to educate KS2 children about what Autism is and how their peers with Autism may react differently than them to different daily scenarios.

Every star reacts differently to situations and challenges. Follow our stars through their daily routine, from the trip to school to the playground environment and going out for dinner that night; put yourself in the shoes of others. Understand their daily hurdles and most importantly, how YOU can help them to overcome such challenges!

Look out for a star on every page, to get an insight into the character’s emotions. This book also has dyslexia friendly font and pastel-coloured graphics to cater to all. Enjoy reading and testing your knowledge with our interesting facts page.

**For every book purchased, another book is donated to a local primary school.**

A recent review of No Two Stars are the Same:

“No Two Stars are the Same” is a unique, beautifully illustrated book by two young ladies who wanted to raise awareness and explain what autism is to children aged 7-11. It does this and more…so many children are scared of behaviour because it's different’. This book explains that everyone is unique and encourages compassion and understanding. We are delighted to stock this book in our shop and for every book sold, Stellas donates another to a primary school as a learning resource. Go, Stellas!”

-CAN, a user-led charity for young people and adults with learning disability and autism, based in the Causeway Coast area of NI